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Feb '15

ScreenSaver Builder

Databases of this program is constantly updated, so that people can feel completely security. SpyRemover-Allows you to competently and correctly with minimal user deleted from his computer a variety of types of malware – spyware, sending sensitive data to his 'boss', so-called "Keyloggers" that capture information about all keystrokes, utilities Trojans, and hackers of different 'customers' who have fallen on the computer. Personal Passworder-Safe keep passwords, serial numbers and other information – the more you will never forget an important password, but make sure you stay in my memory one – one that gives access to the database. Hide Folders-You will be able to completely hide from outsiders the folders whose contents should be kept in secret. Lock n Safe-The program also allows you to keep a detailed record of the password guessing attempts – for certain you will wonder what methods are used by would-be attackers. WinGuard Pro 2010remium edition 5.6.65-program allows to lock with password Access to all programs, windows and files on your computer.

Trend Micro Anti-Spyware-Protects your PC from unauthorized access. Error Doctor 2009Izvestny fact that more than 93.7% of computers infected with spyware modules and advare. Such things are rarely easy to resolve aninstalom. LockWin – a software product designed to limit access to various computer resources in a very, very many of the criteria. Flash ScreenSaver Builder-This program helps create your own screen savers using as 'building blocks' flash videos, images, text and multimedia data. Tweak-XP Pro!-Allows you to find and remove unnecessary or incorrect entries in the registry, view and delete temporary Internet files, create virtual drives, hard disk check for the presence of faults, configure 'subtle parameters' system WinOptimizer Suite-E-Cleaner will unnecessarily (or backup) files on your hard disk, remove invalid keys from the registry, clear the warehouse of dusty files in the temporary Internet folder, configure the network functions. Tray Commander-designed to improve the speed of operations such as launching the most frequently used programs, selecting the right addresses on the Internet, opening / closing doors CD-ROM drive, reboot, shutdown, and so further. NetLimiter-Supervises the activities of each application that uses the Internet access, as well as actively managing the traffic, controlling the flow rate data. SmartGrabber-Can save any web content, without delving into folders temporary Internet files. Image2PDF-You can convert image file formats TIF, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PSD, WMF, EMF, PDF, PCX and PIC into PDF, which opens the well-known software package Adobe Acrobat. Continuation of the article read here: Contents and Utilities

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