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May '16

Russian Federation

As a result of automating manual Equestrian Club was a tool for accounting and customer relationship with them, establishing operational timetables, registration of horse and coaches, statistics reports. Kremlin riding school was established in 1994. In December 2003 the club moved to its own base, corresponding to a high standard of the European level, thereby creating a modern equestrian base world-class – "Russian equestrian club." February 15, 2008 in accordance with the decision of the President of the Russian Federation 1092 approved the established order and the Program of the Development of the Cavalry honorary escort of the Presidential Regiment SKMK FSO of Russia. In connection with the development and introduction of new pupils at the school felt the need to automate: Accounting clients and relationships with them; monitoring the effectiveness of marketing activities; scheduling classes (50 lessons each day); Service personalization and targeted work with students; Planning and execution of activities (and other services); compilation of the load of horse and trainer; statistical information. At the beginning of the introduction of these problems were solved using a spreadsheet, which was very difficult. As a partner was selected as "1C: Accounting and Trade" (BIT), because the firm has extensive experience in systems implementation of customer relationship management, including its own product, "ICE: CRM 8." In the process of implementation of the solution has been created unit for planning activities, accounting and statistical reports on employment and equestrian coaching staff. As a result, the project was to conduct automated customer base, now the school is a complete customer information (Calls, meetings, classes, etc.), which helped to find an individual approach to each student. As a result, automation of the graphical display of boot room lessons, thus improving productivity. In general, "ICE: CRM 8" has helped improve customer loyalty and increase the number of students.

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