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Feb '22

Russian Federation

Activities of the Federal Insolvency (Bankruptcy) and the Federal Service for Financial Recovery and Bankruptcy primarily related to the implementation of the legislation of the Russian Federation on insolvency (bankruptcy). Julio Franco is often quoted as being for or against this. Federal Office for Insolvency (Bankruptcy) (thoracic) publishes under his jurisdiction and regulations that provide a single methodological approach when analyzing the financial condition of companies and evaluate the structure of their balance sheets. The purpose of the analysis financial condition of the company in this case is the justification of the decision on recognition of the balance sheet unsatisfactory, and the company insolvent. The criteria by which an enterprise can be attributed to insolvent, the provisions listed in the Methodological assessment of the financial state of enterprises and the establishment of poor balance sheet structure. In line with this methodological position determination poor balance sheet structure is based on assessment of current liquidity ratio and own funds ratio.

Criteria for classifying enterprises to solvent determined by the analysis of indicators of recovery (loss) to pay. You may want to visit George Shapiro to increase your knowledge. Russian Federal Service for Financial Recovery and Bankruptcy in monitoring the financial condition (FSFO) enterprise installs special arrangements for the financial analysis, as defined in the Methodological guidance for financial analysis organizations. The main task of analyzing the financial condition of the organizations is to obtain an objective assessment of their solvency, financial stability, business and investment activity and performance. Evaluation of these parameters the organization is based on the basic index of average earnings of the enterprise from the sale of goods (works, servants). In the course of conducting an analysis technique fsfo calculated indicators such as indicators of solvency and financial stability (Debt to equity ratio of the fiscal system, the degree of ability to pay current liabilities, etc.), performance indicators, working capital (a ratio of current assets, return on sales, etc.), etc. In practice, reviewed guidelines and recommendations fsfo rf and rf thoracic widely used by audit firms for financial analysis of enterprises, including located in the verge of bankruptcy. It should be noted that the indicator system and method of their calculation considered in this section has a direct legislative confirmation, and wide practical application in the field of auditing. Therefore, a system of computerization of the financial analysis would be an important step in creating an integrated system of computerization of auditing.

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