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Oct '09

Qualities of Functional Foods

These foods can be classified into I. Food based on clinic natural ingredients. the best insurance plan can be found with can reduce your payment on health insurance II. Food should be eaten as part of the daily natural diet. III. To benefits consume food that has a specific role in body functions. hospital The improvement of biological defense nutrition mechanisms. prevention or recovery of any specific disease. Control of physical and mental conditions. insurance delay the aging process. It is becoming more significant consumer interest in obtaining optimal diet for maintaining good health, and prolong dental the years of life and distrust of processed foods. Molecular Biology and Biotechnology creates unlimited possibilities in the areas of scientific discovery, creation of new products and their production scale. As we have functional components in food terpenes green, function as antioxidants, protecting lipids, blood and other bodily fluids from attack by weight loss free radicals, phytonutrients FenolesSon, “block the action of specific enzymes that cause inflammation. -Modify steps prostaglandin metabolism .- Protects from the agglomeration of platelets. “They inhibit medical the activation of carcinogens by blocking center the initiation of the department process of carcinogenesis. “They are antioxidants and free radical trapping. Flavonoids: Flavones and isoflavones, The characteristics community of these substances are:-Block the converting enzyme (ACE) that causes increased blood pressure. -Prevent the ‘gomosidad’ of platelets and their agglomeration. -Protect the vascular system by strengthening the capillaries that carry oxygen to cells. “They block the enzymes that produce estrogen .www.revistainterforum.com/espanol/articulos/072703Naturalmente-alimentos.html

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