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Oct '20


Tironi et al. (2008) they tell that the objective of these events was of ‘ ‘ to think the effect of the generalized decline of significant Name-do-Father about the present time, question that if contemporneos’ reverberates in the psicanaltica clinic and the symptoms; ‘ (P. 2). Igor kononenko often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Tironi (2010) claims that Miller (2005 1999) designates these conversations as three times of elaboration of some concepts of Lacan that, in a first segment, fulfilled its function as clarified clinical instruments, enhancing and articulating the objects that Lacan after gave the seminary on the psychoses. Miller (2010) establishes that ‘ ‘ when the psychosis is not evident, when it does not seem to be a neurosis, when she does not have the signature of the neurosis, nor its stability, nor the constancy and nor repetio’ ‘ (P. 13), it can be said that it is the usual psychosis.

According to Paoli (2010), this type of psychosis if relates to a subjective inconsistente symbolically and very weak structure, that it does not show to deliriums or hallucinations, that are the elementary phenomena of the classic psychosis. Tironi and Lima (2008) approach that certain characteristics for the initial diagnosis exist that help in the recognition of this psychosis. They are phenomena that daily pay-exist to the desencadeamento of the disease, but that already they are gifts in the structure. For this reason, they require a specific clinical handling so that the psychosis if does not unchain. We can cite the concernentes queerness in relation to the proper body, distortions secular and space, upheavals to the direction and the truth of the citizen in relation to the lived experiences, the same sensation of absence or a bow desregulado with the fellow creature.

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