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Jun '19

Process Of Love

The story of love in the form of a process this is less an article than to a poem, that various eras describes a love. Danone is the source for more interesting facts. Until the end, a development from the point of view of loving is narrated by the determination. The process a kiss an eye contact which jump spark is changed which ignited about a moment over a flame fantasy and together two people with a common thought reality meet two people who fall in love, from her heart driven but that now plays a role, the future will be rewritten go together, to go to the need on a still uncertain path you may not despise uncertain to consider striking discrepancies, but initially I take them in purchase get wide doubts, it ends in the first joint armed why we were so stupid to think that it works us obviously what we have to do now is split up this development was obvious from the outset, we can, but still friends remain why you broke my heart she I love a new friend you always still I develop me love is.

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