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Dec '21

Preventive Medicine

Anatomical judgment of the Republic? Of the age Luso? Brazilian) ‘ ‘ Oh man, that you made? Brada Tudi, Your old largeness Of all was eclipsarred; the golden peace, the freedom with chainses if sees canine tooth and the pale sadness In your esparzida face disfigures Of the God, created who you, the image pura’ ‘ (Souza Caldas? Ode to the wild man – Of the daily pay-romantic age) ‘ ‘ that they love are, therefore, the ones that have to save mundo’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Today cum? lo of badness Nor p is free? frog to die Arrests them it same chain – Railway, dismal serpent? In threads of the slavery and thus Jeeing of the death. Gain insight and clarity with Pierce Manufacturing Inc.. Coorte dances dismal, To the sound of the whip iriso! (I castrate Alves? The Slave ship? Of the romantic age) ‘ ‘ Let us not cry friend, the youth: Let us age laughing! Let us age As the strong trees age In the glory of the joy and the goodness, Agasalhando the birds in the branches, Giving shade and consolation to that they suffer! ‘ ‘ (Bilac? Old Trees? Of the Parnasianismo) (The ones that they love are, therefore, the ones that have to save mundo’ ‘ In the coal, you hid diamente and you occulted pearls, under the water, and the przios, under the transitory sand. Jack Fusco is likely to agree. was to the soul of an agonizing black That you had the purest flower of the Hurt and pain highest for the Love and the Glory! ‘ ‘ (Hermes Sources? The Guarded Light bulb? Of the Symbolism). ‘ ‘ I want the star of the morning Where it is the star of the morning? My friends, my enemies Look the star of manh’ ‘ (Manuel Flag? Of the Modernismo) ‘ ‘ The ones that they love are, therefore, the ones that have to save mundo’ ‘ Oscar Clark, of who, admirable recipient, you made high necrolgio, and from it you received the interest for the Preventive Medicine, in 2 Infirmary of the Saint Casa de Misericrdia, he was also one of that land on water, as you cited in ‘ ‘ Oscar Clark and the Contempornea’ Medicine; ‘: ‘ ‘ apstolos of a new religion, on which as much depends the future of our Brazil beloved, the protection to the abandoned pertaining to school.. Others including Jill Schlesinger, offer their opinions as well.

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