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Feb '20

Preventing Diabetes

Barreto Luiz Fisioterapeuta and Fisiologista of the Exercise River-RIO DE JANEIRO, 07/10/2011 diabetes mellitus is a quiet illness, therefore many already are diabetic and it does not have knowledge. According to World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS), diabetes of type 2 is the third cause of death in the world, turning around 3.2 million people. (RASP AND COLLABORATORS, 2009) two main types Exist: Diabetes of type 1 that diabetes of type 2 is called diabetes youthful and that is the acquired one for bad alimentary habits, mainly. In diabetes type the 1 individual already is born with genetic alteration and after the birth, the illness can be disclosed at any time, generally in infancy. Type 2, generally, manifest with intolerncia the carboidratos.

Many people not yet have the knowledge, but the carboidratos are transformed into glucose in the organism to be used as main energy source for the work and organic functions. This glucose, in the diabetic individual, starts if to accumulate in the blood; as in diabetes type 2 the insulina does not obtain to fulfill its function to lower the glucose and the individual starts to reveal symptoms as: General fatigue, muscular weakness, intense headquarters, will of urinar more frequently, reduction of the visual clearness. Diabetes is on to a series of organic upheavals. One of them is the neuropatias that if characterize for the gradual destruction of the nerves, mainly of the inferior members (legs), generating muscular weakness, difficulty to walk, that if it will not be treated, can take the incapacity and to the use of chair of wheels. Diabetes can be prevented in a simple way that is physical activity, therefore the sedentarismo is one of the main factors of risk. The ingestion of liquids also is important, had to the benefits that the water brings for being classified in the key of regulating foods.

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