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Sep '19


Alcohol causes physical and mental damage in unborn risk alcohol consumption in pregnancy, the figures are alarming: in Germany approximately 10,000 newborns come alone per year to the world that exhibit damage, birth defects, or developmental disorders as a result of alcohol use by the mother during pregnancy. Thus, the most physical and mental injuries in children have their origin in the alcohol consumption of the mothers at the time of the pregnancy. Read additional details here: Chase Koch. Therefore, an important task field of physicians and midwives is expectant mothers and their partners on the risks associated with alcohol to point out, to motivate them to a complete abandonment of alcohol in pregnancy and lactation. The Federal Centre for health education (BZgA) has issued a Beratungsleitfaden who turns to doctors specializing in gynaecology and midwives. He helps them to identify a critical alcohol and a successful consultancy with the aim of non-alcohol perform. There are shown the basics of motivational interviewing both pointed out the use of this technique on the basis of concrete examples. Aim must be to motivate to forego full alcohol during pregnancy pregnant women. Because despite the danger emanating from alcohol for the newborn, about 12 to 15 percent of pregnant women drink alcohol and that studies suggest that part several times in the month, although there is no amount of alcohol from point of view of doctors at all, that could safely be consumed by women at this time.

The Beratungsleitfaden should therefore help to support the necessary reconnaissance work. It is divided in four phases, with the first being determining the Status Quo (how much alcohol is consumed at present?). The subsequent phase is to encourage a change in behavior. For this assistance provided within the third phase. Finally, the last step is securing of abstinence and relapse management. However must be in the Rarely will iterate through all four phases. More often, a combination of finding the specified drinking behavior and communication of relevant information is sufficient to achieve the goal of non-alcohol. In addition to the Beratungsleitfaden for the care of pregnant women, the Federal Centre for health education (BZgA) has the Advisor on your well-being, my child”issued which is oriented directly to parents. “The BZgA also about the campaign communicates further information on the subject of pregnancy and alcohol”. The overall campaign wants to raise awareness among the adult population in Germany for a more responsible handling of alcohol.

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