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May '16

Power Tools

Debugging Debugging Custom extensions can use another running copy of MS Visual Studio, which is an extension will be used. To do this you need to configure the debug option of the project, as shown in the figure below (see Figure 10) to MS Visual Studio 2005. Figure 10. Configuring Debugging for MS Visual Studio 2005 Hosting a form in order to edit forms, fields and state of the work item is used two ways: With a special xml-file that used to describe the work items, and import utilities (witimport) and exports (witexport) working elements of the process template on the server. Since the rules of editing and composition of the xml-file can be found at; the graphical Editor of the process template, which is part of the utilities Team Foundation Server Power Tools. Download and view full details of this product, you can: For MS Visual Studio 2005 -; For MS Visual Studio 2008 -. The solution for dynamic lists below are two possible solutions implementation of dynamic lists in the form of a work item: Use one extension for a number of fields – in this case is supposed to use a custom item that includes several drop-down lists for several fields of work item, use the work item events – is used as an extension of one drop-down list for each field and for changes in the composition of lists used the event change the work item field. Using a single item to multiple fields As mentioned above, the essence of this approach is to use a custom extension, which includes several drop-down lists for several fields.

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