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Aug '09

Political Career

Almost like a bad horror film, these are where the final scene in the first guess, the fence is close around the powerful Transportation Secretary Ricardo Jaime. The federal courts each day brings more information about their unique and expensive flights to Cordova, parties Uruguay, Brazil and the Caribbean in private planes, which were not airplanes, but the plane which eventually cost him his political career. For the first time, a pilot who said Jaime, use the mysterious Lear Jet 31A aircraft operating with george w. bush the U.S. N786YA registration. Between 1982 and 1984 took the secretary of the departmental committee of issues the National Party, from 1985 to 1989 and its presidency. Parallel to the latter position, he was mayor of the Departmental Board of Paysandu, alternately occupy a seat in the Chamber of Deputies, and was first alternate for the national representatives Paysandu.
In 1989 was elected mayor of Paysandu for the period 1990-1995, being re-elected for the period 1995-2000. At this time brought to life the “Group of Governors, a group of nationalist municipal mayors was emerging with its own life, gives life to the group New Forces, as a political abortion movement. Thus, as outlined at the national level, Larranaga made an electoral agreement with Juan Andres Ramirez in the republican face of internal party elections of 1999, planning to become a candidate for president, senate but the victory of voter the pre-Luis Alberto Lacalle, Larranaga disclaims any postulation to vice president (although the anointed candidate is Luis Alberto Lacalle insisted to accompany him). In national elections held in October 1999 was elected senator for the National Alliance list.
Jorge Larranaga of the Senate.
Senaturial from the bench, was gradually emerging leadership turnover in a game that appeared too close to government colorada. Larranaga was a ticking profile opponent Jorge Batlle’s government. Initially, he was accompanied by some legislators, such as Julio Cardozo Ferreira.
In the year 2004 elections are conducted by several white coalition leaders finally agreed to take as a pre-President of the Republic Larranaga, to challenge the hitherto unbeatable Luis senator Alberto Lacalle. The precandidatura successful, winning by 2 to 1 at the internal Lacalle. election Larranaga choose as a vice presidential candidate Sergio Abreu. This formula also contributes to the presidential elections of 2004, and Larranaga is finally in place after the second candidate for the Frente Amplio Tabar V zquez.
Several political analysts pointed to the successful candidate Larranaga while revitalizing the electoral chances of the National Party (which had suffered a humiliating defeat in the previous elections, being the third), and furthermore, it is clear that many voters decided to accompany colorados Larranaga’s candidacy, in turn causing a setback much harder to Colorado (for its part, worn by the power and the economic crisis), which hardly reaches 10 of the vote for the first time in its history .
From 2004 until September 2008, chaired the Board Larranaga of the National Party, leading a line against the government of the Frente Amplio, throughout that time had a considerable level of public acceptance. Unlike politics other white leaders of recent decades, political Larranaga had a reasonable distance from the Colorado Party, avoiding “camouflage” for the same. During the government of the Frente Amplio, had an oppositional style front, while granting platforms space for dialogue, in particular, highlighted the visit made liberal him the leader Jose vote Mujica Tupamaros headquarters in August 2008 .
On 29 September 2008 resigned the post, conservative being beliefs replaced by Carlos Julio Pereyra. george bush 1 views campaign platform officially proclaim November precandidatura for internal elections, and had serious chances of being anointed committee by his party’s sole candidate. Leading the sector National Alliance, announced the ‘new congress guidelines on programmatic Uruguay’, in a paper prepared for several months in the Wilson Ferreira Aldunate Foundation and presented on December 9, republicans 2008 in a ceremony in the Salon Pasos Perdidos Legislative Palace, with the participation of several personalities, kerry including the presentation by historian Prof. Ana Ribeiro Lic. Larranaga mention the main economic advisers elephant to Sergio Abreu and Javier de Haedo.

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