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Feb '22

Planet Earth

Perhaps we should call the planet, "water" if we stick to the surface area compared to that element "earth", but who we leave it to dominate and submit it appears that many residents have left after hearing this beautiful gift. .. But I've always thought that as we were we who put this name, we could also call you: the planet "man", as the animal that has worked for him … it was not a gift?. Although we have not even succeeded in taming long ago that some live as our own, although there are always neighbors to other neighbors put barriers and build walls and pose many difficulties for most of the "other" just to enjoy across the globe. Anyway, we eat it and we have chosen to live and survive, albeit "temporary". And he slept in his laugh, dream it, learn it, we reproduce it, in short, live it like our own home. But there are some neighbors who for several years hiking off the planet.

Most come back, because they have not yet found a better or more conducive environment for … Perhaps this is why this new year we will start, as each new day are writing pages and pages of detailed predictions that foretell the things we will pass, some teachers are creating ambiance! and therefore ceased to amaze me "a year if another day is also" seeing as we stumbled over the same stone. Although, as much as circumstances change and the nuances are different, my dear neighbor knows it's going to happen … That is, what will happen to put more effort in to pass, but that does not sell or creates atmosphere, or misleads the people, or mackerel, or the bends. And the deaf are still deaf … why! is perhaps a wise move for an organization supposedly world (is so called because many of the neighbors who walk by her command, or are they sent of those who rule) makes this new year, a tribute to our planet. Its aim is beautiful: raise awareness!. But it is not "consciousness", but an awareness that contributes to a society of neighboring Logar safer, healthier and more prosperous.

You know!, Are some teachers in creating ambiance! Especially for the deaf … Although this will require to be devoted to study and learn new skills, discover new resources and adjust our behavior and conduct all had a more sustainable life. That is! With a succulent funding in R & D but then forget (as we forget that we as a gift) that it means to promote the dissemination and application of what they have learned … As the custom of some many neighbors, we will turtle walk a few steps, though: "You know that the turtle is moving very fast in the water!? ….

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