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May '13

Plan Trips Guidance

Car tours are specially designed for people who know what the best option for the rest – is to rent a car and go traveling. Self-drive tours – endless possibilities, with their help you are providing yourself the absolute freedom of choice to stop for the night, tours and more. Our staff will gladly help you choose the route. We have a range of choices orgormny route, you'll find even those options that calculated on a small budget. Bus tours can not compete with road tours, in comfort, excitement and diversity. It is only from the interior of the car you can really enjoy the scenery and feel the mood strany.Nasha company offers tours by car of these types: Family road trips, adventure tours, sightseeing tours, and educational tury.Kazhdy route option car tour introduces you to the beautiful nature and culture of Scandinavia, manors, castles and cottages of this fabulous region. Car tour can be arranged so as to be able to fish, hunt, visit Santa Claus, or relax in the open wilderness of northern nature.

Also, there are options with a sea journey – king crab safari, fishing on the river or sea kayaking, scuba diving, sea and river rafting. It should also highlight the availability of such services as an adventure tour. Only our company organizes travels to Iceland to superdzhipah! Superdzhip is a jeep, designed specifically for Icelandic conditions, with tremendous wheels in diameter more than 1 meter, push frame, GPS and computer navigation. For such a machine fast river is not a problem, you will easily climb into the mountains and glaciers and take the road through the high snow. Adventure tour in superdzhipah – this test for a real man.

Iceland – a unique world, in its territory located near thousand-year ice and volcanoes and geysers with boiling water – it's amazing. Waterfalls, hot springs, alpine glaciers and craters, all this is a small fraction of what you observe in the adventure ture.Prekrasny option in the adventure tour – a combination trip with hunting small game. During one adventure tour you can visit some hunting land and several types of hunting. You can hunt for a variety of game: partridge, ducks, geese or sea bird. Seen the huge popularity of land where there is a chance to hunt geese at large, there can rent a boat with crew for sea ohoty.Maksimum a month before your departure to the adventure tour you will need to submit a copy of the license for arms and permission to hunt, to specify the type, model and serial number of your weapons. If you will be required, we will help draw up the documents for the hunt, to transport your weapons, and the export of trophies.

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