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Dec '19

Photo Conductor

A similar situation exists at Xerox and Samsung. Also worth noting are what will be said about printers, it is applicable to multi-function devices (MFPs). All Multifunction designed and manufactured on the basis of the printers of the manufacturer. In order to more or less thorough approach to the selection of the printer, a quick look at his unit. So, a modern laser printer can be divided into such components: the developer unit (image transfer), in this case the cartridge. Node fuser (aka Fuser (fuser), also known as "stove").

Paper path. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Sonny Perdue. These components are most interesting for us, as they wear out. The printer, as in other electro-mechanical device has motorized control (consisting mainly of gears), the formatter (also known as controller) and the HVPS-high voltage power supply (also known as high-voltage power unit). Those of us interested in the least they are not unnecessarily exposed to wear and is virtually out of system subject to the rules of operation. So let's begin. Developer unit, in particular cartridge.

There are two types: "all in one", such a scheme is typical of Canon printers and Xerox. Toner Hopper is made separately from the rest of the cartridge (in our case, Drum-unit). As you know, one of the most important parts subject to wear and a drum cartridge (also known as OPC-Optical Photo Conductor). The cause of wear is in direct contact with the paper. The service life of the drum directly depends on the quality of the paper. Drum is in all types of laser printers and copiers. Cartridges such as "all in one", there are two types with and without recycling. Consider the principle of operation of these cartridges in detail. C recycling. Until recently this technology was used in printers, Xerox (Samsung) and a few others. Today the company Xerox (Samsung), these printers are removed from production, but all the same while they are still there in the market.

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