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Feb '22

Order Central Trade Register

Option 1, constitute ourselves the society: in that case these are the steps that we follow: 1 .- Order Central Trade Register, the name, (3 names on request), after 15 days fit-out two possibilities – accepted the Central Trade Register of the three names that you have requested. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Melissa Elordi. – The Central Registry denied 3 names requested. The granting or denial will come to be: * For registered mail messaging * * For COD Mail * Trade Consult central registration page: 2 .- Deposit of Social Capital in a bank (legal minimum required to 3006.00, i) and application for a certificate of such capital contribution, bringing the Bank Certificate sent by the Central Registry to open a business account in the constitution .. 3 – Development of the Bylaws. * On this page you will find several models of perfectly valid statutes: 4 .- With the bank certificate, the certificate of designation and the bylaws and may make an appointment in Ontario. 5 – Signing of the deed of incorporation before the Notary. 6 – With the articles of the Model 036 is presented to petition the CIF Provisional tax office that corresponds to the registered office of the company unless requested by UD. by phone appointment at the delegation of your choice. It has been provide the following duly completed Model Folios 036: * Folio 1, Folio * 2B, * Folio 3 Folio 8 * This document must be: – Signed by the Manager of the company – Provide a photocopy of the DNI and the Administrator – Provide a copy of the Articles of Association The Officer of the Tax Office, in addition to sealing the model on its front page and assign a temporary ID number, will deliver a paper "Certificate of Provisional CIF" With a copy of the document and copy of ID Manager and filling an application form will label a set of numbered stickers with your provisional tax.

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