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Jul '20

On Intelligent Production Systems

Common sense as a guideline the aim of Amplico Unternehmensberatung GmbH is the implementation of intelligent production systems with common sense, to Amplico harnesses the essence of lean management after Toyota also for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Lean management is interesting not only for large companies and corporations,”says Michael Meiss, one of two managing directors of Amplico, correctly applied and reduced to the essentials, also SMEs can of the lean benefit principles and significantly increase their profits”. First task: good working atmosphere create the motto of Amplico is the application of common sense: because a large part of the lean principles are based on the natural thinking and acting of people unless they are satisfied with themselves and thinking in a positive, constructive atmosphere on the facts. A good working environment is the prerequisite for the implementation of lean management. Opinion by Hans r mountain, the second CEO of Amplico,. is the biggest challenge of the Amplico usually is to create the necessary positive and constructive environment in the Advisory company. Blossom an atmosphere in the staff and dare, even to bring their ideas to be challenged makes it often possible changes.” Accurate solutions Amplico support approach is not standardized, but is implemented individually for each company.

The project approach is tailored depending on the situation within the company and the resources available. This principles be selected from the modular system of lean exactly the methods, which fit exactly into the company. Get more background information with materials from Global Marine. In the selection of methods is Amplico unbiased, independent and guided only by the current needs of the customers. Dispziplin asked Amplico helps but in the implementation of the lean path, but also entrepreneurs and employees are required to enable the implementation of intelligent production systems. In addition to enterprise-wide discipline, it requires Lean way sometimes victims and readiness to rethink at all levels of the company. A strong identification of the company management with the visions and goals, as well as a good communication of these visions and goals here are prerequisite to the last employee. This helps to stay surely emerging difficulties on track and to achieve long-term success. Amplico as implementation partner of the lean way Amplico itself as implementation partner for companies who want to go on the lean way.

Our goal is to support the internal staff in the operation and as far as fit to make, that they themselves can promote the lean thoughts and the continuous improvement of the production system”so Meiss. Our goal is to eliminate us”adds Kahn mountain. Amplico support the lean to organization, as well as the qualification of the employees be developed so far that the company independently pursue the lean on management path in the future. About Amplico Unternehmensberatung GmbH Amplico Unternehmensberatung GmbH, headquartered in Bannberscheid in the Westerwald, near the ICE railway station at Montabaur, sees itself as implementation partner for the optimization of production systems according to lean principles. The consultants of Amplico have both work experience in all levels of industrial enterprises, as well as several years consulting practice. With sleek, intelligent methods of practice in the spirit of lean management, individual concepts are developed for SME’s and implements. In addition to the methods and tools skills, Amplico characterized also by psychological knowledge and set at the motivation and guidance of the people in the project very successfully this. Contact: Amplico Unternehmensberatung GmbH Heidchenweg 9 56424 Bannberscheid press contact: Hans r mountain

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