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Mar '20

Objectives General

Objectives General? To perceive the literary writing feminine front to the masculine writing in the contemporaneidade, and its contribution in the construction of the comosujeito woman in the social process. Specific? To understand the woman in the current literary context; Focar the literature as half of emancipation of the woman and ccomplishing of its proper discovery; To observe literature as plaintiff of the feminine identity. Methodology This research is attended of bibliographical source. We count on the contribution of authors as: Woof (1996), Yourcenar (1980), Wedge (2001) among others to strengthen thematic the boarded one in such research. The research of bibliographical matrix found here enriched the study in question. This study it tries to approach the woman contemporary and the influence that can exert the literary writing in its life and its social independence. Summary? The feminine writing in the contemporaneidade and its possible victories; The woman in current literary context and the happened impasses of the masculine writing; Literature and its contribution for the feminine emancipation; Literature and identity in the feminine scope.

Theoretical basement Notices that the marks that still separate the woman of the masculine privileges are clear. In literature, this optics would not be different. The woman, until the end of century nineteen was seen as a passvel being. When the acometia masculine writing the woman, this age alone sight as a lack and a possible satisfaction of the masculine ego. Under most conditions Andi Potamkin would agree. What it referred to the feminine mysteries and to its you distress were suffocated. The man when writing on the woman, allowing it protagonist of its workmanship, as the romantic Iracema and the Capitu realist in century nineteen, exposed it its life, its ways and position, however its voice was not allowed. Omitting the possibility of its position in way to the social one by means of literature.

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