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Nov '13

Norway Accommodation

I am sure that many tourists are eager to visit Russia for purpose of knowing its capital Moscow and its notable attractions (the red square, the Kremlin, the Lomonosov University, etc). But they are not aware that accommodation in the 5 star hotels in Moscow is worth (300-500) $ a day. Is cairsimo right? We need to inform you that the prices of accommodation in Moscow made to foreign tourists who once traveled to Russia much amazed. They gave account stay in Moscow is very expensive (more expensive than in any country in Western Europe) and even in Moscow there are no more than a hotel with the cheapest accommodation ($100 per day). For example, the author of this article knows that the accommodation in the hotels of Norway (located in Berguen and Oslo) is worth a few times less than in Moscow. That occasion take a lady in Moscow using its own apartment as a room to accommodate foreign tourists. How speak English perfectly she long time it welcomes travelers from Western Europe and other Paice.

ES say tourists instead of a room in a hotel in Moscow rented a room in his apartment at the price $100 a day (each). Tambien Ud take into account what 5 people staying in her room. To calculate your daily gain we have what this entrepreneur gets at least $500 a day. It is good right? Besides that this lady puts in practice the accompaniment of those tourists teaching them interesting places in Moscow and therefore profits that way more. It is that the price of its accompaniment is m ore cheaper than any travel agency service. As that Lady your advantageous business 3 years ago she currently already has earned enough money.

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