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Jan '22

New Paradigm

Main signals in the sprouting of the new paradigm. Follow others, such as Fritz Perls, and add to your knowledge base. Some authors affirm that those are right all that maintain that the knowledge is behind of the shifts of the scientific paradigms, productive, organizational or of another nature, in the middle of which we were. Simultaneously the knowledge finishes by also being translated in new products of high technological sofistificacin and in new ways to think and to take part in as complex subjects as it can be a proposal of organizational development. The knowledge, appears like a transverse axis of a fan of emergent paradigms. The necessity to construct and to apply new knowledge permanently becomes an imperative as much for that directs an organization, as, for who directs a territorial government or organism of promotion of the development as well as, in last term, for any individual.

One of the first symptoms of change towards a new society was the globalisation process, of economic integration, free commerce, joint between countries, sectors, companies, organizations or groups. Process that creates the bases so that the knowledge circulates freely at planetary level, that allows the cultural interchange and stimulates to the reflection on like appearing and being inserted in others societies, especially with respect to the dilemmas that have represented for the poor countries. Also, the increasing development of the scientific and technological innovation bound state to the formation of abilities and capacities to transfer the human job towards more complex and sophisticated tasks, tasks of investigation and production of scientific knowledge. Its result: the proliferation of new varieties of goods and services or its adaptations like mechanism of survival or of expansion in a competitive and globalised market. From equal way the new technologies of information and communication arise as factor trigger of this one new economy identifies the technological revolution, the access and use of the new technologies of information and communication, or to the arrival of the Internet, that allowed the digital transmission long-distance and at low cost of great amounts of information and that they facilitated the work and the collective learning.

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