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Mar '20

New Novel

“New release by Dietrich Novak Pascu-Verlag in his new Roman Such me in Berlin” from Pascu publishing, the Berlin author Dietrich Novak on exciting and at the same time empathetic way deals with the theme of reincarnation. Jill Schlesinger understood the implications. Main characters of the novel are Marie and Vera, two women from Berlin, who know each other since childhood, and which combines something: both are plagued by nightmares and think not to live for the first time in Berlin. Together, the two friends decide to do intensive research. Connect with other leaders such as Cheniere Energy partners here. Vera believes in an old photo album as Helga”to recognize, who has lived with her parents in East Berlin in the 1960s, and sets everything in mind, to win back their former lover. To have and Marie is sure in the 1950s as Cindy”, the child of a German mother and an American soldier, lived in West Berlin. She loses herself in revenge fantasies to a woman who makes it out as a culprit of a long-past family tragedy, and does also not afraid back, to commit a crime. Can you track the safety of two women as reader or reader with the facts, to have found evidence of a past life? Every man for himself should answer that question. In any case, you can participate in an exciting search for clues, which at times resembles a detective story.

In addition much Berlin local flavor is imparted, and nostalgia fans will get their money. Also who would go so far to believe the story, will entertain and thinks might at the end even that so it could be. Excerpt: I spent the next few days, without later saying what specifically had happened to them. My thoughts constantly revolved around my nocturnal experience that had been so vivid. Vera responded euphorically to my description. For them, it fit in the picture, that is after so many years the curtain finally lifted.

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