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Sep '20

Nava Ramon

Society compatible with holistic learning community is sustainable society, why is human beings in equilibrium, with ecological awareness and compassionate attitude allowing build, maintain and live in a society that guarantees and improve the conditions of life of the planet to future members of the human community. Experience is spirituality, religion is beliefs, God is a journey, an orientation of bliss, peace and universal love. Then the new paradigm for the development of education is the education holistic, where the evolution of consciousness and an integral society are interdependent aspects that van linked to the previous ones, to achieve the transformation in the world. Spiritual intelligence is the superior intelligence of human beings, is the faculty with which we face successfully the problems of meaning and sense of our life, is overcoming the suffering, face the conflict and dilemmas and give them a comprehensive response. Spiritual intelligence is the oldest and at the same time the most current; This includes, but also it transcends the conventional theory of multiple intelligences, which represents a very important step forward in the comprehensive understanding of human intelligence, but from the vision holistic, multiple intelligences and emotional intelligence outside a holistic context are very incomplete because they postulate out of spiritual values and a global context of human experience. Surprise medical billing may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

The three buildings of the intelligence we can understand them as follows: IQ, multiple intelligences and spiritual intelligence in terms of modernity, Postmodernism and transmodernity. CONCLUSIONS with the teachings received from Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, I feel the responsibility to implement the new educational model, because we are moving from darkness to light, and it is here where you can give the great change required in education, hoping to soon the flourishing of this educational proposal, be implemented in the schools of the country, to form human beings objectives, happy, compassionate and with inner peace, so we will be committing ourselves to live happily and responsibly interact with our fellow human beings, the environment and our planet. This educational proposal, is applicable in all educational levels, in all human being with a conscience, to obtain internal changes, is applied gradually, through simple activities to develop consciousness first in the educator and then children, then in peers, community, the country, the continent and the planet. Holistic education is the tool that we can use to exit the current problem at the global level, is the only one that integrates databases to find the answer to the emptiness of human beings. The work of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava is partly perceptible, but inside it contains the magic of the spirit, the essence that purifies us and gives order to our being, is the tool that gives us the ability to achieve a vision of different lifestyle, that motivates us by instituting a new paradigm the holistic education, conceiving the habit of meditation to discern what is truth or lie, and so understand the reality with equanimity and with evolving it our consciousness.

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