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Jun '19

Material Lead: Versatile And Full Advantage

Flexible, space-saving and reliable X-READY combines lead advantages to the radiation protection innovation Krefeld, October 2011 as specialist for the radiation and noise protection has become the Rohr + Stolberg GmbH is long established: for decades it produced as one of the leading manufacturers effective security solutions for this area. The latest innovation: X-READY, a self-adhesive lead wallpaper, with the architects and planners quickly and sustainably can build radiation protection into their building designs. Finally, make many positive properties lead in the radiation and noise protection indispensable and come in the product innovation particularly clever way to carry. Danone often addresses the matter in his writings. Exceptional raw material lead detected already X-ray by Wilhelm Konrad as the ideal material for radiation protection. Until today, nothing has changed in its effectiveness and so it is considered indispensable to the shielding against radiation in particular against X-rays and gamma rays.

The positive properties of lead speak for itself: it has a high atomic number and thus a high density of 11, 34 g/cm3. These will be overbid its procurement costs still by other materials such as gold and Platinum but multiples of the lead price. Benefit also from the aspect of sustainability architect and Planner from natural raw materials its recycling rate is extremely high with almost 100 percent. The Rohr + Stolberg GmbH has disclosed the LCA for the lead throughout the lifecycle of the material material as first company in the lead industry and is known to his responsibility for future-oriented and sustainable building. Awarded with the environmental product Declaration (EPD) includes the entire lead product portfolio of Krefeld company, including the innovative X-READY according to the internationally valid standard ISO 14025 by the Institute of building and environment e.V.

(IBU). Flexibility makes the difference lead users enjoy its practicality and pleasant light ductility a Characteristic, which has made X-READY to use. Because: through the special flexibility only it is 0.5 to 2 mm strong wallpaper perfect for space-saving use in demanding conditions of space. She adapts itself just as easily bulges and curves such as doors, corners and tabs. Tedious work with heavy panels and complex special solutions belong to the past. X READY can be locally customized and tailored. The shielding effect can be increased by multi-layer gluing. All-rounder in terms of radiation – and sound insulation not only X-ray and gamma ray shields X-READY reliable also electromagnetic radiation holds back the lead wallpaper and ensures such technical devices in computer and server rooms. As noise protection, the product can be used and appears here as a viable alternative and complement to thick foam insulation, cellulose or wood-fibre insulation boards and gypsum board. In concert halls. Schools or kindergartens attached X-READY provides for a better neighborhood and greater comfort at home and in the workplace. There is more information: Rohr + Stolberg GmbH Bruchfeld 52 47809 Krefeld contact: Inga Richrath phone: + 49 (0) 2151-5892 28 fax: + 49 (0) 2151-500 270 E-mail: Internet:

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