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Jul '14

Manjavsky Stone

And then, without pausing for a moment, the river rushes merrily on, as if God himself Waters, playing over and over again makes a mischievous jumping in front of enthusiastic audiences. Only after a while you spellbound breathtaking spectacle will find that the canyon is very cold, because there is so rarely looks the sun. Straight from the rough layered rocks grow tall trunks of pine trees: it is far above them whispering to each other, swinging the top, but here in the valley, as if life stands still, only giving way to a movement of thundering water flow. Truly, this is the most mystical place on earth Carpathians. But miracles and discoveries do not end: the top, above the waterfall, is located Manjavsky famous monastery – an ancient monastery, leading his calendar since the XVII century, which is based in those times Athos monk Yovom Knyaginetskim.

You seem to touch history: see neat well-kept yard, stringent cells and excavation of the cellar, a low bell tower, offering spectacular views for viewing neighborhoods. From the monastery rises up a winding, sometimes very steep road, – a mysterious trail monks, which will lead you straight to the Blessed Stone. It is a quiet place on the mountain since ancient times considered to be a saint here every year come to pray, hundreds of people. Of rock acts like a huge "flews", covered with green moss, forming a cave with a small set of: stone trough for flowing water that the locals are sincerely honored for the holy and believe that it cures all ills. There is a great habit that will not leave you indifferent. There is a belief that if we put a hand on the cold side backward and make a wish – it is certainly necessary and good-naturedly granted. I always guessed two desires: first, a prayer, very personal, and second, always sincere – to get back here again to touch the mystical secrets of nature: to hear the sound of the waterfall, walk along Manyavsky Skyt, pat the old side of Stone …. Blessed

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