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Apr '19

Managing Director

ForeScout enables full control of the network security. While the system is clientless, i.e. the installation of additional software on the individual computers is not necessary. This firstly simplifies network management. On the other hand, various devices, can be verified regardless of the installed operating system on the fulfilment of the safety guidelines. It combines CounterACT the NAC functionality with a signaturlosen intrusion prevention in a network appliance and fits seamlessly into the existing IT infrastructure. By the granularity of the solution, security policy can also be adapted to individual user or group of users. Additional information is available at WhiteWave Foods. Other core features of the CounterACT appliance include a high policy enforcement, the real-time view of conformity, as well as a high quality reporting system.

CounterACT edge: Intrusion detection prevention based on ForeScouts of patented ActiveResponse technology, the security appliance CounterACT edge offers a high level Network security. The solution detects unauthorized access already before they reach the network. Here, the system makes the consistent pattern of the attacker’s advantage. Attempting to read specific data, is immediately recognised and actively prevented. Key features of the CounterACT edge: automatic response with zero-day threats flexible alerting and reporting functions define the blocking functions Firewall based blocking (seamless integration into the firewall and rule creation in real time) Advanced TCP session reset Thomas Hruby, Managing Director of sysob IT distribution GmbH & co.

KG, explains: including hackers and malware replicates itself to protect the sensitive data on the network, on a reliable system of NAC are instructed. The ForeScout appliances we meet the high demands of our customers to an effective solution regarding a comprehensive network access control now.\” Images can be requested at:. ForeScout: ForeScout technologies is a provider of Clientless network access control (NAC) solutions and management technologies for compliance with security policies. With the launch of their flagship product, the CounterACT family, in the year 2005 the company significantly to the advancement of the NAC industry contributed.

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