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Oct '13

Management Of Markets

In this regard, one of the participants in the postgraduate diploma in quality management and productivity of the Area of graduate of the University of Carabobo, Johanna Aranguren of the subject of marketing under my charge, in open forum on this topic notes us, that Venezuelan management uses marketing to meet the needs of the consumer in the short term, to the detriment of the well-being in the long term. Also it tells us, that the companies give priority to their economic benefit before the satisfaction of their markets and to achieve this goal, privilege the affective value of products to the detriment of its functional value. We must remember, that consumption is not defined nor by food that is digested by clothing, nor the substance oral and visual images and messages, but by the Organization of all this. This absorbed the individual in the race by the standard of living, to harass him for images, information, culture, the welfare society has generated a desocialisation. The era of consumption liquidated value and existence of customs and traditions, produced a national culture and indeed international on the basis of needs and information solicitation, ripped the individual of his homeland and its stability.

What is consumed are signs or images of objects, i.e. meanings that are introduced from the outside in the real things. The function of these symbols will be the satisfy and gratify the wishes and personal ambitions.Today he lives in a reality determined by the compulsion to consumption, globalisation and technological advance, where the media are more marketing than information vehicles, and also live enclosed in a market and not in a society.We are in a consumer society imposed by the capitalist system of production, which extends not only to developed countries but all of the planet..

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