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Jun '20

Kemmler GmbH Garage

“Concrete Kemmler wins major international design award is the ‘iF product design award 2010’ innovative precast garage rewarded, it is a departure in form and color, the concrete Kemmler GmbH” has completed in the past three years. For their creative courage to change the precast garage, the leader in Baden-Wurttemberg was now rewarded Cinque ‘garage with one of the world’s most prestigious design awards, the iF product design award 2010″, for his. You have prevailed with their product in a highly qualified and international competitive environment”, according to the jury. We are very proud of this award”, emphasizes concrete Kemmler managing director Martin Heimrich, this award is a symbol of outstanding design achievements”. For the first time ever had”with the concrete Kemmler GmbH kPark”garage sent a product in the race for a design award and immediately found again among the winners.

Overall, companies from 39 countries with just 2 have Advertised 500 products in 16 categories to the award. The competition for the iF label”is one of the oldest design competitions worldwide and was already advertised for the 56th time this year. Kemmler colours green and yellow and with a powerful momentum, attracting the innovative kPark “garage concrete Kemmler attention.” Deliberately, the associated with the Tubingen Kemmler group precast plant at the award-winning garage broke with the classical form. We wanted to bring the prefabricated garage from its slumber”, says concrete Kemmler’s Managing Director Martin Heimrich. With the distinctive design of the new product development located between the carport and closed garage concrete Kemmler has become the trendsetter in the garages.

The kPark “garage is a design object with high recognition value. The interest in this garage is great”Hamblin says, individualization is currently increasingly in demand by the customers”. With its transparent optics makes variable garage system with green roof and rear wall surface individually adapt to the various gardens and terrain. So the garage can be used as a carport, single -, double – or series garage detached, connected and covered on request, sometimes with Earth. The basic idea for the design of kPark “garage comes from the Tubingen architect Winfried Klimesch. 2008 it was dirt & partner from the architecture Office”from Stuttgart in designing the new concrete Kemmler garage exhibition and intensively developed.

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