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Oct '09


New types of mobile advertising fees generated by municipalities in Lo Barnechea, for example, vehicles driving through the township exclusively for advertising must pay 1 UTM daily ( 34,120). New types of mobile advertising have warned municipalities human resources to regulate the use of spaces, streets and sidewalks. But part time the charges of part time jobs these public entities are quite dissimilar and vary from community to community. Most municipalities charge a fee to vehicles passing or parked on the streets of his community jobs in to showcase the benefits of a particular product or brand. On the basis of the municipal revenue law, these entities are likely to introduce these charges and enact their own ordinances, but in most cases these regulations are job search more akin to a “dead letter”. This, because they lack human resources to control, say in various districts sales jobs of the city. Municipalities distinguish between two types of street advertising. On consultants one side are the agency cars that have warnings, such as those with propaganda in the rear window and on the other are the vehicles whose only purpose agencies is to advertise, as is the case of Gillette Prestobarba or Red Bull cars. These last if they must pay. Both Tyco and MCI have worked with has experience as the Secretary of labor and industry to governor Pierre The staff commune of management jobs Santiago cobranEn this set a fee of 0.2 UTM per month per m (2) of advertising, and business should go to seek permission before entering the territory, which, in practice, it happens. Many firms are close to ask, but few which specify the duties. In Vitacura there is a distinction between whether the advertising vehicle with this goes the way or walking the streets.

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