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Jan '22

IPad – The Healthinsider!

Offers here a new playing field for investors? The upbeat mood is palpable. The iPad changes the health like no other industry. It shows up clearly in the pioneering clinics that have already flown the device prior to the official arrival in Germany from the United States and already carried out the first real app projects within a very short time. The iPad is versatile and provides efficient support in the otherwise hectic hospital life. Every minute counts: patient history, medical record including all studies and history at the patient’s bedside, easier patient-related inter-sectoral information exchange between stations and areas of expertise or an instant reference to drug information: not only from a technological perspective, many scenarios offer many benefits such as increased efficiency, quality, improve the exchange of information, etc. Applications of this kind bring the communication between physician and patient to a new level. By fully available information can the doctor better diagnose.

Explanations are simple, if such as x-rays or CT results irrespective of the location are available and can be displayed as. So visuals can be locally increased or compact side by side shown for comparison. The doctor has the ability to provide the patients with the documented statements by email or SMS. In the same way, also test results upon request can be sent from the Lab directly to doctor and patient. Also in the surgical field, E.g.

a visualization of the operating area of incorrect operations and misunderstandings minimized. According to a recent estimate by RBC capital markets is expected for the current year 2010 sold 8 million iPads. But the unit alone will not automatically to the success and the projected benefits and opportunities. So have many companies specializing in app development and thus open a new market. This market, where there is today a free app developers, not unnoticed, it fails to investors. It only questions like: how much confidence investors in the iPad-health-duo? How big is the willingness to invest in this industry? How must the developing companies operate, to maximize this investment? Discuss with us on this topic see blog /… . The imatics Software GmbH is their customers with developments and solutions to the support and integration of business processes and content to the page. The company has developed a sovereign space on the market with a “pure-bred” BPMS solution of imatics * ProcessSuite. A consistently pragmatic and easily held service distinguishes this solution in a unique manner. processsuite.de a creative, dynamic and reliable team always ensures a very high customer satisfaction. The continuous transfer of knowledge with universities serves the innovation process. True to innovative ideas and research results are implemented the motto… moving ideas in pragmatic solutions.

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