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Jul '19

Internet Family

There is multitude of Web sites with groups of covers and pages, although also it can create his. It is not necessary more to drag & to drop the images in its site, later to write the text corresponding to its side. It can very be funny that each member of the family is in charge of a few pages, to count its own histories. The books of photos also can be customized gifts of extraordinary value. Some examples of gifts: a book of memories that a husband prepares for his wife like anniversary gift, a genealogical book for a familiar meeting, an album of photos taken to the negligence during a wedding, prescription books which they happen from a generation to another one, books that compile works of art of the children or dedicated books to recall a birth or a scholastic graduation. In addition, if we used the fotolibros like substitutes of homemade album of photos, we can save.

For these last ones, besides the developing of the photos, that is not nothing cheap, it will be necessary to buy albums, loose pages, adhesive, stickers, material of office and papers of colors. Thanks to the software specialized for books of photos, we got rid to buy nothing else. The unique that does lack is software, the digital archives of the photos and access a Internet, to raise the work when she is ready to print. When creating fotolibro of family will be able to give life to digital images that, of another form, would remain for always kept in some folder from the computer. There is no better gift for the family who to be able to share and to preserve the dearest memories.

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