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Jan '19

Ibanez River

Farmers know it very well when they ask for water rights and tell them that not because they are requested by these or other companies. Cannot use the water in its own field, and there is where one says where are national politicians to help the people indicated. On the occasion the Member of the grouping of forestry engineers by the native forest, Enrique Higuera, made a detailed exposure of the areas involved in the region, noting that each of which has an average area of 2 by 2 kilometres is rectangular requests. The Defender citizen grouping through Attorney Fernando Arancibia meanwhile reported that as an organization also they addressed the issue from the scope of the rights of citizens. THE applications and the applicants requests in process and those already formed (these last ones in much of Coyhaique on the South) are concentrated in the hands of two people. The marriage composed by Jorge of the Valley bar and Maria Teresa Canas Pinochet, former Director of the national service of geology and mining, and who has already previous requests in places where Endesa plans to build dams. In other cases, requests have been made by his daughter Andrea of the gray bar. Requests are located fundamentally one after another in line with the Austral Longitudinal road from Cochrane to the Ibanez River, then through the Cerro Castillo national reserve, river mouth Lion, Lago Elizalde, Valle Simpson, Cove Valley Simpson, the clear, Panguilemu, high Baguales, Villa Ortega and Manihuales.

From there northward continues along the southern Longitudinal road, passing through La Tapera, Lago Verde, Rio Figueroa and La Junta. However, following the path of power lines of Transelec. Also there are requests pending or adjudicated in the areas of dams for Hidroaysen interconnection to the same people. Southern power has done the same with the zone of possible reservoir and works in Lakes Yulton and Meullin, for the Cuervo River Dam..

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