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Oct '20


This announced micro SIM card is now also used in the iPhone 4 and the new iPad 2. Who would like to save yourself the handicraft, the market offers also numerous vendors providing a suitable micro SIM card. As for the UMTS variant of the iPad numerous providers offer a suitable micro SIM card, the question for which iPad tariff you choose. Mostly it depends on the planned surfing behaviour. You want with its iPad only occasionally in the Internet, a daily flat rate is sufficient. Here, Digital Cameras expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

This is, for example, at Fonic already from 2.50 per day. Should it be something more, so a data flat rate on a monthly basis is suitable. Here, the price varies parallel to the offered data volume. Would you normally surf with his Tablet PC, a data flat rate with a 1 GB data volume should be sufficient. Who wants to go use Videostreamingdienste like YouTube, should access here to a data plan with a volume of 5 GB. Generally, prepaid rates are recommended.

It is initially still euphoric at Surf, certainly flies this euphoria over time. Has one just initially opted for an expensive iPad tariff with a long contract term, you may quickly regret his decision. Prepaid tariffs for the iPad are not only free of any contractual obligation, they offer also the significantly lower prices. T-Mobile and Vodafone now also O2 offers a very extensive HSDPA network with a maximum data transfer rate of up to 7.2 megabits per second. This corresponds to port at about the speed a DSL6000 and should to the comfortable and fast surf sufficiently be. As the only network provider O2 allows also the use of Voice over IP services its customers. It is for example allowed Skype via the Internet to make free calls. But also the benefits of instant messaging services such as MSN or ICQ is explicitly allowed in the network by O2. Just in today’s social media, are these services do little more and are becoming increasingly important for many people. Kadriye KOC

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