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Apr '20

HBDI Academy

The forward initiation day academy: free tips for executives for each other to find the correct understanding and reduce fear of the appraisal interview are the goals of the free taster day for executives. On November 19, trainer explain the forward academy, as chefs take on the personalities of their employees, correct use of their strengths, and they attune to the business objectives. Peet’s Coffee has firm opinions on the matter. “Wettenberg, 08 November 2011 – a day in Central Hesse”, so the answer to the question might be what it takes to become bosses fear of employee interviews. On November 19 trainer explain the forward academy in their betting Berger training center executives from logistics comes in handy, as they can transform an unloved obligation to the effective management tool? Between 10 and 14:30 gives insight into teaching content and methods of its intensive training fit4logistics”the continuing education provider for the logistics industry. Often, executives know not, as they their employees adequately to assess”explains Alexander Thalhammer, coach and managing partner of forward academy. Our taster day we give tips on helping a Chief to respond better to the different personalities of his staff.” Targeted the team spirit the free seminar explains first of all promote the difference between self image and the external image, so the effect it has on others. The coach also explain how you can recognize different personalities. Andi Potamkin, New York City helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. To do this, they present the so-called HBDI personality model.

According to this method of the Hermann brain dominance, institutions can be distinguished four basic personality types, which properties characterize also the communication with each other. To illustrate the model, we create your personal profile with the participants”Alexander Thalhammer looks forward. We show then with our instructional videos, how to use the knowledge of personality types, to the experienced coach declared to promote”mutual understanding in the appraisal interview. The credo: Who type-related appeals to its employees and encourages their strengths, achieved even a greater identification with the objectives of the company. Motivational run promotes team spirit.

We explain what types are suitable particularly well for what kind of tasks”, Alexander Thalhammer promises practical advice. The trial day will be the further training programme of intensive training fit4logistics”presented. The modular range consists of seminars and training for management, sales, and service. Who wants to be on the 19th November in Wettenberg, can register at. More information: press contact: main views Agency for public relations work Tobias Loew / Uwe Berndt of Rossdorfer str. 19a 60385 Frankfurt Tel.: 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 email: company contact: 35435 betting mountain Tel. academy forward Alexander Thalhammer In West Park 8: 0 6 41 / 641 96 99 78 90 E-Mail: academy over the forward concepts for further training in the transport and logistics industry are the specialty of the forward academy. The coach of the company come from the industry and speak the language of their customers. With this expertise, developed the forward academy tailor-made courses for companies and offers open seminars for individual training. In addition, intensive training create an opportunity, the content of teaching effectively in real life”to deepen. The intensive training of fit4Logistics”provides in-depth technical know-how on a solid business footing in each training block.

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