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Dec '09

Ham in Spain

Ham in Spain Main articles: Jamon Serrano ham from Spain and 2 hams on display for sale. Factories Trev lez hams (province of Granada) This product is traditionally consumed in Spain, so they are different elaborations and names him there. Broadly speaking there are two types of ham as the breed of pig from which it derives, is the Iberian pig (Iberian ham) or some variety of white pigs ( “ham” or “ham”). Iberico ham comes from the Iberian pig. The main features that distinguish it in its capacity derived from the purity of the breed magazine subscriptions of animal breeding in extensive regime of freedom of the Iberian pig payment in wooded pastures where they can move, feed and cure the ham, which usually extended from 8 to 36 months.Iberian ham is distinguished from others by its texture, aroma and unique flavor and distinct taste but varies with the degree of acorn who has eaten pork, and exercise he has done. Is generally classified according to how much you have consumed acorns before slaughtering. The official classification allowed for the Iberian hams grouped into: Iberico Bait, Bait Camp Iberico, Jamon Iberico and Acorn Iberian Ham. Some regions with a tradition of ham processing created together with the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Appellations of Origin which require control and Iberian hams that complying with certain characteristics to carry its seal of quality. Appellations of origin are known from the Iberian pig: Iberico ham from Huelva DO Iberico DO Los Pedroches, OJ Iberico ham Guijuelo, and Iberian Ham DODehesa de Extremadura. The designations of origin are legally protected by the European Regulation (EC) No 510/2006 of the European Union. Apart from that there are different trade names magazine known to the Spanish consumer, but often order confused by their ambiguity, as would be “ham” Pata Negra “,” Pata negra Ham “or” Ham 5J. To assess the quality there is only the official classification, it must also be reflected in the label for the piece (vitola). The white prosciutto or ham comes from a variety of white pig race, and ham is easily distinguished by the color of the skin of the hind leg. It subscriptions is called when cured ham saw weather, cold and dry. It is currently governed by EC Regulation 2082/92, address which define the characteristics of the process and the finished product. This difference ham three grades according to their curing ham wine, ham and ham large reserve booking.They are of Granada, Salamanca and many other regions. These include different designations of origin and ham from Teruel, the Trev lez Ham in addition to other productions without name but with ham as the ham tradition of Murcia flat or Duroc pork ham.

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