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Feb '22

Germans National

People’s national voice has “Ordered foreigners out, leader!” said loud: study to the right-wing extremism “foreigners out, guide command!”, otherwise you can not understand the results of a new study on the right-wing extremism, which presented the SPD-Friedrich-Ebert Foundation this week,. People’s national voice has spoken and that “edge of society not only on the alleged”, as the socio-economic data of the study clearly. People’s national voice has spoken the results after one-third of Germans is, that Germany is “dangerous over-populated” and that it “should send foreigners home” when jobs are scarce in this country. 58.4% (!) of the respondents are also for a “substantial limitation” of worship for Muslims, almost 20% find that “the Jews” have too much influence in Germany. And indeed preferred “problem-solving” was asked, 23.6 percent want “one strong party, which embodies the national community as a whole”.

Command leaders, again. Fritz Perls has firm opinions on the matter. Is the crisis to blame? Most issues of right-wing extremism study were made years back is always the same, but yet never so clearly “rechtslastig” answer. For the significant, sometimes blatant jumps in the numbers the authors blame mainly the impact of the global economic crisis, which hit by delay and where the center of society had become unsure of their economic situation is. That this statement is too limited and ultimately glossed over the results of the study, can be seen is from the numbers themselves. Chauvinism is not Krisensymtopm to the comparative figures of previous surveys show that right, authoritarian thought in Germany was widespread.

In addition, economic considerations like sure Stoke fear s strangers. You create but not views, such as shared by 27%, that the aim of German policy should be “Germany the” Power and scope to which he is entitled to”. Following the debate of the last few months, after Sarrazin has summoned the white master race and suddenly gives the immigration opponents even Horst Seehofer, something else has happened as the crisis: it has become simple again socially acceptable to express themselves openly Auslander – and hostile to Islam and also nationally chauvinistic comes again. And there’s still a last number that has nothing to do with the crisis: 94% of Germans think that they have no influence whatsoever on the policy. Democracy is the exact opposite.

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