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Jul '19

External Beauty

If you do not know your inner peace, don’t try to know or understand others. Angy Newman. Dedicated to: Erendira. Who was consistent in its inner and outer beauty. We are living in times in which aesthetics and visual richness have been overtaken by aspects of formal character. All label and are labeled and that most of the time makes us great harm. Fortunately I learned to deal with my own image (it is worth saying that I was born with a malformation in my face), which curiously led me to live continually in a State of contemplation which made me give me the essence of our own be are not tags or conventionalisms arbitrarily others put us.

The real value of our own identity, or what is now said: our personal brand, lies in the projection authenticates our inner peace. It is curious given account that we are not congruent with the time and resources we invest with our inner image as we do almost obsessively with our outward appearance. For a long time was fought with the phrase (we must admit), somewhat threshed that what really matters is the people inside. I have always argued that we can not underestimating our aesthetic enjoyment falling into the trap that the essence of the person is really valuable. It is important to realize that many people there are in a way, that are empty: and is that no matter the degree of physical beauty of the person, what does matter is the same attitude towards life.

When I discovered that I could and needed to sculpt my inner beauty to be able to beautify my visual image; I put hands to work. The task to achieve that equation that I have just mentioned is really finding inner peace. Each of us must find the means to pretend these goals; that image of fullness. We can not molding and beautify people if we do not achieve this objective with ourselves. Remember that finding inner peace will help us to project to others those values which are essential to our be: trust, security, honesty, integrity, virtuosity the question is how to find spiritual peace? There are many options. It is matter of investigating and open our minds.

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