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Mar '14

Electrical Case

Electrical your house to my practice, there were three cases of failure of electrical appliances caused by power surges or connection errors. As a result of lightning strikes in the air line in the opening billboard wooden house burst induction machine. Wiring was done openly in the box, box exploded in one place, the lid flew off and started to burn the wall. The second case occurred in an apartment block. As a result of switching at the substation, there was a power surge. Fortunately, out of order only a small equipment.

In the future some day tension was kept within the limits of 250-275 V. In the third case, in a private home by mistake electrical phase was submitted to zero wire. The house was not made by re-grounding bus zero, there were no ground, and was just vanishing, leading to a fire, fortunately slight. All of these incidents are the result of absurd accidents and, in general, is unlikely. In one case, an incredible lightning hit the wire, then a chance of a thousand in the other – negligence electricians who may have done everything correctly, but missing something.

Last case was only inadvertently, perhaps even cause blindness served as each wire is indicated by its color, and the score – particularly blue. By the way, women do not suffer from color blindness. It turns out that a woman electrician – the best choice? Although it is in any case the best choice, but I have not seen female staff in the field of energy, though he saw the lightning hit the wires. Means is reasonable to assume that a woman electrician is found in nature less than incredible lightning. How to avoid such accidents, fires and threatening other nepritnostyami? There are methods of protection. Lightning overcurrent and refers to the network is a strong surge voltage, not sparing appliances.

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