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Jun '20

Dortmund Damage

Vehicle appraiser in determining a thickness such motor vehicle appraiser is Klaus Fehring by the nationwide acting GKK report Centre GmbH & co. KG. He examines not only salvage cars on their liability or damage to hull. Also car rentals hire him, for example with the creation of State reports and valuations. After the expiry of the duration of the lease or sale, the skilled person is also asked. Its detailed documentation is the basis for all investments costs. Based on a grid of the damage, he evaluates every detail and on the basis of a catalogue of measures to determine the residual value of the vehicle.

The result ultimately decides whether the vehicle remains in the fleet. Who has so much responsibility, is assigned during the vehicle inspection especially on accurate data and repeatable measurements. A delightful challenge Klaus Fehring feels about an accident or accident sequence reconstruction or the expert reconnaissance work for fraud detection and evidence-protection insurance. In the team of the service provider GKK Fehring is an expert for insurance contracts. The certified expert decides what tests each individual case requires and then performs it on the vehicle itself. According to music downloads, who has experience with these questions. As soon as the damage of a car driver involved in an accident, innocent exceeds the minimum of around 700 euros, the cost of the experts who determined the extent of the damage, will be reimbursed (Landgericht Coburg, 33 S 36/07). Other tasks are waiting for Klaus Fehring and his colleagues: because drivers have their work place in the cab of the vehicle, used experts in BGV Dec. If a fleet of vehicles should be classified as accidents, is Klaus Fehring to the contracting authority and examined the vehicles locally. So the events for a motor vehicle report also are different: at the site of Dortmund, staff check each vehicle in terms of the thickness of the coating.

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