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Jun '13

David Cameron

In some industrial areas the far-right xenophobic and Philo-Nazi (NBP) has been undermining him between white workers and unemployed sectors. By last, labour has asked half of its affiliates. Turning to the Center and new labour are already things past and the group around Blair and Brown is not renewed. The initiative has passed to David Cameron, the first Conservative leader in place ahead in polls in the Decade and a half and the first to have achieved 16 points of advantage over labour in a quarter century. Younger, better orator and less dirty with maneuvers he appears before many with an air of renewal before Brown who presented him as the man who is does an oncenio manages the British economy, which today is to bring it into recession.

The way in which Brown seeks to avoid that the tories exceed you is approaching their positions. This move, which sometimes gives result, can end up leading to a greater discredit his and him go eroded by imposing unpopular measures of rivals who used to make part of their work until they show are more consistent with those proposals and relieve them in power. During one Decade to Tony Blai did not care that some of his critics within labour labeled of tory Blair. Ultimately, he believed that the great mistake of labour is having distanced himself from liberalism and that the best way to keep the Conservatives out of power is pushing them toward the right while labour becomes a light version and most modern of conservatism. This strategy is already coming to an end. With Cameron conservatives no longer want to play that game. At its last Conference in March the tories have stopped talking so much immigration, crime and Euroscepticism for wanting to pose as party more friend of families; one that offers medical rest for the parents whose partners just had a baby and more social visits to help mothers who have recently given birth.

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