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Jan '14

Da Click

Do you want to learn to play tennis quickly and easily? Da Click here! Playing doubles, the position of serving tour: so if the A and B teammates were playing doubles with C & D, the team A person would start by removing and then is rotarian places the player C, then B and D. end At the end of the games in odd numbers (including the first game) players (singles and doubles) make change of pitch, i.e., exchanging places. In professional games, players have 90 seconds of rest between the games and from the 3rd series are given a period of two minutes of rest. Some other important things on the computer the handle should be comfortable or you will hurt. To measure the correct size of grip: hold the hand with which you agarraras racket, keep the palm facing up and measured from the crease to the tip of the ring finger and this is the measure around the grip. In general, this is about 4 inches in diameter. Of course, it is generally a little larger for men and older than for women players and younger players.

It is important to always grip the racket well because if this is not done it may be dangerous. Shoes and socks are also important considerations. Shoes should be comfortable and have good support. Unlike the running shoes, tennis shoes are made to withstand movement from one side to the other and not only for forward motion. Women, since they generally have one arc greater than men, must be careful to get shoes with greater arch support. SOCKS should be thick and absorbent in order to absorb sweat and thus avoid infections such as athlete or different foot infections. Shirts and other garments are also important. General tennis clothing is white, as it better reflects the Sun and therefore they are cooler. Although recently the famous players have been experimenting with the use of other colors, it is best use what is most comfortable for it during the game, either tight or loose. If you want to learn to play tennis in a easy, fast and fun way without spending on more expensive classes, from the comfort of your home, Da Click here! Original author and source of the article

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