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Jul '20

Correct Sound System

Home cinema fan or music lovers of deep bass in an explosion in the action film or the crystal clear voice of the Aida opera singer: when buying a sound system for the living room the opinions differ. As the portal for online auctions auvito.de reported movie fans should put on another technique as a music lover. Recently, the Stiftung Warentest examined 12 speaker systems. Among them were eight pair of Floorstanding speaker, as well as four 2.1 systems with subwoofers. Treatment of depression is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The experts came to the conclusion that the former provide the more natural sound. You own is the according to good for a pure music pleasure.

However, deficits resulting from the defective reproduction of deep bass. It lacks the speaker on the larger resonance body. The subwoofer offers these 2.1 systems. Home cinema fans should not abandon it, if they put value on a full bass. In addition, the systems have the advantage that they expand to a space-saving 5.1 surround sound system. Finally, the boxes are even relatively small. Let to mount on the wall or put on the shelf. Even in suspended ceilings, you see small speakers square.

Note buyer of a sound system but should that sound of systems can differ immensely depending on the space and placement. Test winner Stiftung Warentest has named the models of the Berlin company Devil. The Floorstanding speaker M 420 F received a note 2.2, 2.1 systems M 550 FCR and M 5500 SW received the rating of 2.6. With a price of 700 to 745 in direct sales, they offer the best price-performance ratio.

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