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Feb '16

Confront Crises

Quarter: Asesrese, looks for experts. It is probable perhaps that you do not have all the knowledge, if tries to only do it all, its possibilities very will be limited, does not reach the time, the vision or the preparation to him, perhaps or needs aid experts. It remembers that its ego not always is proportional to its knowledge. I have heard many industralists say, ” nobody knows more of this business than yo” , and nevertheless other that supposedly are not equaled to them surpass them easily. It does not look for any aid, it identifies what needs and it looks for knows that it to make better than others, that will give an important competitive advantage him which talvez is of great importance to advance. As after a crisis you will have perhaps generally little availability of resources is attemped to select considering the price before any proposal of more important value, nevertheless considers that any more does not have expensive that to pay cheap by that it does not serve, nor nothing else cheap that to pay expensive by that it gives an excellent result. When analyzing a proposal no it only considers the honoraria of the work, tries to identify the costs Annexes many of which can easily not be visible, the set-up time but long it will produce smaller results in the end, little guarantee can imply total losseses, little experience will need much test and much error, monthly honorary minors can help their flow of box, but they can affect the gains by but time.

They are some examples, asks for the experts who make see comparative advantages him with their competitors, they will give many lights on the matter him. It tries to look for experts who know of the subject but that they do not try to make in its company the exact copy than they are its competitors, if there is no difference because there will be the clients to prefer it, if they are already taken care of by somebody so similar what would be the reason to change? Permtase to maintain its identity own assimilating the best practices available and the technology sufficient to be competitive, but also determine the proportions to its business and its real possibilities when gliding the investment that it is going to realise. It tries that the expert whom he engages is not the salesman of the technology that you are going to implement, for the their problems are disguised opportunities of sale in many cases of solutions, will try to make fit their needs in one of their products, not very often will design a product adapted to its needs and with real possibilities of growth that are not those whom loyalty opportunities of, that is to say dependency sees like, in the future. It does not forget that if the expert is employed of another one he persecutes the objectives of another one and from the sale he obtains its better results.

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