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Jun '12

Commercial Banks

It will happen positively on the aggregate demand. Instruments: Reduction of the obligatory collect: the Central banking diminishes the values that take in safekeeping of the commercial banks, making possible an increase of the multiplying effect, and the liquidity of the economy as a whole. Financial assistance of Liquidity: the Central banking, when loaning money to the commercial banks, increases the stated period of the payment and diminishes the tax of interests. These measures help to diminish the tax of interests of the economy, and to increase the liquidity. Purchase of public headings: when the Central banking purchase public headings has an expansion of the ways of payment, that is the given currency in exchange for the headings. With this, it occurs a reduction in the tax of interests and an increase of the liquidity. Reduction of the public expenses Rise of the tax burden on the consumption goods, discouraging these expenses; Rise of the importations, by means of the reduction of tariffs and barriers. Personal and functional inaquality of the income in Brazil the extreme inaquality in Brazil can be observed by the primary distribution of the income and wealth.

In the functional distribution of the income, that deals with the participation of the income of the work in relation to the too much incomes of the patrimony (profits, interests, you rent of property, income of the land, amongst others), the degree of existing inaquality can be observed of aggregate form. It can be observed that the trend, since the decade of 1950, has been the lesser participation of the income of the work in the national income. Currently, less than 40% of the national income they are appropriate for the workers; in the end of the decade of 1950, it was come close almost to 60%. On the other hand, the patrimony detainers attend the continuous expansion of its relative incomes to the national income.

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