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May '13

Commerce Electronic Truths

In our previous article we made mention of two currents prevailing regarding the conceptualization of electronic commerce, or what is the same, the internet business. Recapitulating, we speak of: the demonization: under this conceptualization, develop businesses on the internet represents an excessive difficulty and it should be something similar to an initiate, chosen or illuminated. In the middle is called GURU. The celestializacion: according to this perception, start and maintain a business on the internet is something like receive honey that distills the sky. It speaks to us of things like: without much effort, at a cost of $0.00 or almost $0.00, not need capital, you give pure gold, etc, etc. Indeed, many of the names of business who preach this easily express ideas which border with the illusory. I must admit with great satisfaction, the way some entrepreneurs authors present the theme of online businesses. They do this under the warning that if you come looking for be rich overnight overnight this is not it.

You clarified that, contrast that is preached in this regard, yea you will need a series of resources, investment, time, etc. Wish to take note of the following: 1) effectively as recorded what some authors, that mean lines back, a venture in internet (internet business) will require slightly more or little less, resources, tools, knowledge, management, organization and dedication that a business outside the internet (offline). (2) Since the beginning of our project, we must be clear about our capacity according to the size of our business. We speak of installed capacity (because if there is one), we talk of knowledge (because if necessary), we refer to equipment that we possess or the possibility of acquiring in the short, medium or long term (because Yes is needed). To do this we want to say that as well as the offline area, Internet businesses are developed: small, medium and large (this is entirely valid, as it is in any field). Hence, because you don’t have the capabilities in different aspects mentioned above, of entrepreneurs that are generating high income, you must not stop you in start or continue with your venture. I want to conclude by inviting you to look at to your around, all the trading environment that exists outside the internet: notes well and answer: do because you can not mount a WalMart type Corporation and the like, why not abririas a small shop? Or you wait until you have the ability of Wal-Mart? I’ve seen people whose business offline consists a peddling soft drinks, cakes, etc, since its capabilities or circumstances have not allowed them the possession of a luxury Restaurant, however not only are moving forward and growing, but that these traders are necessary in a country’s social and economic system. Similarly is it on the internet. Therefore, you do not desveles because you’re not as Satanic Guru or heavenly Guru, goes ahead, as we say in Costa Rica, slowly because it requires.

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