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Apr '20

Commerce Certificate Course

Course ‘Specialist for occupational health management (IHK)’ for the first time in Saarland from 9-12 September 2010 the new IHK certificate training course found specialist for occupational health management (IHK) “for the first time held in Saarbrucken, Germany.” The course provides the skills required to build up a systematic operational health management in a company of industrial or service sector. Participants of Peter Nagel, Managing Director of education and training the Saarland Chamber of Commerce, who emphasized the good cooperation between Academy of BSA and IHK-Saarland were welcomed. In the framework of this successful cooperation Chamber of Commerce, for example, with the fitness specialist “the first professional exam for the fitness industry developed, now standard for the part-time qualification of managers. Followed by the public examination to the specialist for prevention and health promotion Chamber of Commerce”in 2006. The new IHK certificate training course occupational health management specialist (Chamber of Commerce) “, which takes place at national BSA training centres, is now a step further: a fitness and healthcare companies are put in the position, to achieve long-term growth through permanent corporate cooperation in the field of BGM, which extend beyond individual measures such as corporate fitness and health days.” At the same time, the new course enables companies of all industries to qualify their own, internal corporate health management specialists, to counteract current developments by shortage of diseases stressbedinger towards the increase in in a timely manner. Music downloads does not necessarily agree.

The nationwide importance of the issue for companies of all industries confirmed Wolfgang Fessler of the Fessler mill in Sersheim near Stuttgart, Honorary Senator of the Economics Committee Germany e.V. (www.wba-deutschland.de), who took a picture of the new course on the spot: who wants long term successfully positioned in terms of BGM requires expertise that go beyond short-term measures. As a member of the Assembly of the “Chamber of crafts of the region Stuttgart I can but the new IHK certificate training course not only other fitness and health companies all operated by services recommend to production.” How the extensive training and nutrition counseling training and training can work perfectly to operational health management just the example of Fessler shows mill (www.fessler-muehle.de), which inter alia with the Goldjupiter “, the economic and education award for social market economy., and was awarded the Grand Prix of medium-sized companies Qualification, lively exchange and networking of the particular advantage of this new qualification is the fact that health service providers as well as production and service companies become fit for professional health management. Both sides comprehensively not only during the period in the area of BGM qualify but can also already interesting contacts for future cooperation. Under most conditions Andi Potamkin would agree. Among the participants of the course in Saarbrucken were found, for example, representatives of external service providers (E.g. employees of fitness and health studios), BSA graduates (such as fitness specialist), students/graduates of the German College for prevention and health management, as well as responsible employees human resources (such as a State authority and a nationwide active production company). For their other Exchange participants from Saarbrucken also the new network health at the workplace “use, an initiative of the DSSV and the German University. The initiative includes a nationwide network of health centers and others and allows a quick contact to regional healthcare providers so companies of all industries.

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