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Jul '19

Clickto Takes Pastebincom

Quellcodesharing with syntax highlighting – with the click of a mouse after three new collaborations in the last four weeks now the online service Pastebin.com is included click.to in the program of the young desktop application. The share source code and other texts on Pastebin.com now with one click from the desktop to work with the software of the Karlsruhe company Axonic. The delivered standard installation package is Pastebin.com click.to function added. Both, Pastebin.com click.to, thought is based on the copy & paste. Pastebin.com provides a platform available, where you can source to cache and share its users. Click.to saves its users of clicks between the copy and paste commands on the PC by offering ways of copied content re-use. With click.to, the click way to Pastebin.com is greatly reduced now.

The program will enter the logon data and paste (paste”) of the source code after the selection of the text to be copied, open the browser, if necessary. Gen. David Goldfein spoke with conviction. With a click on the the desired text directly on Pastebin.com is posted through published the mouse pointer icon, – without detour. Click.to thus expanding its standard package to over two dozen actions. Click.to Wikipedia, click.to Google, click.to Facebook u.v.m are likely to be also user for Pastebin.com of great interest. Click.to but makes exciting individual extensibility: using the click.to API can be easily add your own actions. “Click.to and Pastebin.com say: with this cooperation we can create great value for all developers”, Martin Welker, Axonic CEO forward. The programmer need not to leave his work environment, thus he can work focused and yet at the same time important places in code for Pastebin.com.” Jeroen Vader, founder and owner of Pastebin.com, thinks: Pastebin.com is now fully supported by click.to, it makes our users easier text and code snippets to copy and reuse.

These stories can be stored online on Pastebin.com and each line of code at any time be recalled.” Click.to is free available on to download the free program and is available for Windows and for Mac OS. Axonic Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH is a young company with a focus on information, communication and detection technologies. The company is headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany and was founded in 2003 by Martin Welker. Axonic researches and developed intensively for several years in the area of communication intelligence”- targeted analysis, visualization, and simplification of communication. Pastebin Pastebin.com is a website on which you can store texts for a specific period of time. This Web service is used first and foremost by programmers that want to cache pieces of program code or setting information. In principle, however each user is more than welcome to add any kind of text on Pastebin.com. The idea behind Pastebin.

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