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Feb '22

Choosing an Alarm

On the market today, there are many systems of the gsm channel. How to choose an alarm? What criteria must comply with reliable gsm alarm system? 1. In the first place. When selecting alarms to draw attention to the number and types of plug for her safety sensors. Better if it's wireless sensors, and alarm, respectively, will be a wireless alarm system. It will save you a lot of time, money and nerves on the assembly / disassembly signaling. Under most conditions John B. Watson would agree. It is desirable that these sensors can be programmed separately. Eg. A related site: Sean Rad, New York City mentions similar findings.

Firefighters sensors, leaking water and gas are programmed to work 24 hours a day, and motion sensors and break (reed switches) will put / disarm by transmitter. More zones of protection will make the alarm messages targeted and more informative. 2. Second. Choosing an alarm should be given to the availability and Built-in rechargeable battery. When you disconnect external power supply uninterrupted work of the selected alarm must be maintained for at least 24 hours. 3.

Pay attention to the convenience and ease of setup gsm signaling. It is advisable to alarm did not consist of many individual units and modules, and all were collected in a single package. Configure and manage alarms should be done with both the keyboard and the phone. 4. It is advisable to choose the alarm on the outside display. The outer display allows you to visually monitor the status of the device and the sensors. 5. The alarm shall be equipped with remotes Management – remote key. Key rings are convenient for daily use and compact, have no external receivers. 6. Certification. For all systems require a certificate of conformity (PCT). 7. Stop the choice to signaling in different types of alerts: sms and voice call. This will increase reliability and performance alarms. Gsm burglar alarm systems we offer, take into account all of the requirements for the selection of signaling, so we recommend you opt for one of them.

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