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Aug '20

Charles Melman

With not the learning of reflecting, thinking, coexisting, these children need to create, as a form of defense of this abandonment, psicopticos resources. As form not to feel the depression generated for this abandonment, virtual realities are created; the reality of the videogame, the hours in the front of the TV, the inconsequential use of the Internet, the brainstorming in the world of the drugs. According to psychoanalytic Frenchman, Charles Melman, in granted interview the magazine Sees, our young had been created in conditions that promote the fast search of the maximum pleasure and without obligations. It is the social environment that considers they this way to act in society. The problem is that the treatment excused to the desire produces situations of difficulties for the young. According to it, Many young finds difficulty to develop a sexual life fully, because nowadays the sex is very accessible.

But in the truth this easiness leads to the one search sexual life without commitment, that provides an 0ccasional pleasure, perhaps an attempt of if protecting in relation to the commitment that a sexual life can evoke. The idea is to use to advantage without if engaging. It says that, the religion always well-was succeeded in giving solutions distresses to them of the man, because he obtains to explain what he is waited of each one. He explains the place of the person in the world and the paper that it has to play. The psychoanalyst Jorge Forbes, in the book ' ' you want what you desire? ' ' , he says that, the new generation does not answer the ethics of the duty, but the ethics of the desire. That we call adolescence the phase between infancy and the adult age, time where the person would have that, gradually, to adapt its form of being, in accord with the said world adult.

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