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Oct '20

Art Nouveau

In 1997, the old district of the city was included in the unesco list of cultural heritage of mankind. This part of Riga will be the key not only for connoisseurs architecture, but for lovers of entertainment. Many restaurants, cafes, tea, bars and clubs will further enjoy the diverse atmosphere of the city. Omega 3 can provide more clarity in the matter. This part of the city never sleeps, and every evening you can find here interesting way to spend time. Along with the rollicking life in bars and clubs, the city offers a wide range of concerts.

At different times, Riga was a trading center, linking East and West. In the center you are sure to feel the atmosphere of a big city, where luxury buildings era of Art Nouveau buildings are interwoven with the 30-ies and extensive parks and outside of the center span areas of high concrete buildings, or as they are called – sleeping areas, built in the 60 years of last century. In the city, mostly in Zadvinie and on the way to the airport, still preserved the unique wooden architecture. As an object for inspection, although unusual, appears Riga Central Market, located directly behind the building of the railway station and bus terminal. As the pavilions of the market used here left the German Imperial Army hangars for airships – tsepellinov ever since the First World War.

Not only the construction market, but also the manner of trading was unusual for the unused eye to the life of Riga. In the summer be sure to visit the Ethnographic Museum of Wildlife, which is right on the edge of the city, just 15 minutes from downtown. It is a pleasant place to walk, combining it with a tour of historic farms, which were typical for these places from 17 th century. Noisy and simultaneously serene, breathable long history and forever young, shattering the night with music of many nightclubs and soothing ears of passers-subtle game of street musicians. Not admire it is simply impossible. Visited here once again and again returned. However, over and over again Riga presents a completely new, hitherto unknown world and effortlessly opens up more and more secrets.

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