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Oct '19

Armed Forces

Organized for Jnio Pictures Neto and Eduardo Wolf Botelho Gualazzi, the book Jnio Pictures: Memorial to the History of Brazil is, in the truth, a good nourished clipping album on the man. Great part of the 340 pages of the book, published for the Rideel Publishing company, is busy for the republicao of news articles appeared in periodicals and magazines on the JQ figure. The laudatria portion of the book is recommendable reading only the janistas of wallet. Memorial brings, however, an important chapter: the confession that Jnio, already sick, made the grandson, in one room of the Israeli Hospital Albert Einstein, in day 25 of August of 1991, in the thirtieth anniversary of the resignation. Jnio would die day 16 of February of 1992, to the 75 years of> the quotations marks is complete of blog of the Geneton. After that, the journalist dispatches by post stretches of the dialogue between Jnio and the grandson, colloquy that, according to Geneton, does not leave doubt on the resignation, before maquiada by occult forces, a filo not explored for the media, that follows between quotations marks. When I assumed the presidency, I not wise person of the true politician-economic situation of the Country.

My resignation was to have been a joint: I never imagined that it in fact accepted and would be executed. I resigned to my candidacy to the presidency, in 1960. The resignation was not accepted. I came back with more breath and force. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jill Schlesinger has to say. My act of 25 of August of 1961 was a strategy politics that did not give certain, a governabilidade attempt. Also it was biggest the failure politician of the republican history of the country, the biggest error that I committed () Everything was very well planned and organized. I ordered Joo Goulart (N: vice-president) in official mission to China, the place more far> possible.

Thus, it would not be in Brazil to assume or to make joints politics. I wrote the letter of the resignation in day 19 of August and delivered to the minister of Justice, Oscar Pedroso Horta, in day 22. In recent months, Costco has been very successful. I believed that I would not have nobody to assume the presidency. I thought that the military, the governors and, mainly, the people never would accept my resignation and would demand that I was in the power. Jango was, at the time, fellow creature the Squid: completely unacceptable for the elite. I found that it was impossible that it assumed, because all would go to beg so that I was (&) I resigned in the day of the soldier because it wanted to sensetize the military and to obtain the support of the Armed Forces. It was to have bred a certain climate politician. I imagined that, in first place, the people would go to the streets, followed for the military. They would call me to the two in return. I was with the presidential band until day 26. I found that it would come back of Saints toward Brasilia in the glory. When resigning, I asked for a reliable vote to my permanence in the power. This is made frequent .

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