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Nov '20

Alto Adige

Territorial rearrangements that are quite reasonable from the economic and infrastructure planning, would be rejected much more in the regions as technocratic approach, lack a robust party system, which could make such changes through its elected representatives and subdivisions. It is obvious that the current division of territory of Italy into 110 provinces inflates the management and leads to inefficiencies and excessive proponents due to overlapping between regions and provinces. These problems are not absent in South Tyrol, affect but due to the good economic situation of less. Details can be found by clicking NASA or emailing the administrator. The constitutional amendment of 2001 aimed at clearer division of responsibilities between the State and the regions. Therefore the competencies have been listed separately, where implied bonds at the federal systems of in Austria and Germany are recognizable. “Now have” the regions about their responsibilities, instead of having them, as before, only granted them “(attribuite) are.xiv This reinforces the degree of Nichtverausserbarkeit.

The revised Constitution of 2001 States that autonomous provinces have the same status as autonomous regions. The two autonomous provinces of Bolzano and Trento, are necessarily above their parent territorial unit, the Regione a statuto speciale Trentino-Alto Adige.xv has the constitutional reform of 2001 for South Tyrol and the other parts of the country with special status (regione / province a statuto speciale) but brought more questions raised than clarity. In General, the regional outline of Italy has been strengthened. This begins with the mention of the regional linguistic terms (if present) behind the Italian in the constitutional text, xvi again alphabetically lined up are what excludes hint a hierarchy. Open remains distant, to what extent the State on the competencies can access the regions and provinces. In South Tyrol are open status issues not only from domestic Italian perspective to look at, because the South Tyrol statute as international matter is recognized. It was the subject of negotiations in the United Nations and is in consultation with the Republic of Austria, as representative of the interests of deutschprachiger South Tyrol to regulate.

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